In 2012, just before I got on a bus on Waterloo Bridge, I saw a red ufo in the sky, a witness saw it too. It was above Shirley 's show.


I don’t want a man (or woman) to get too close or for sex. It doesn’t seem right and they/we can’t be trusted.
I know they like me, but I’m ugly (you said) and a bit of a trophy.
Once you go into the mind realm, nothing physical seems to matter.
I want to remain alone and mad (magnetic/microwave anomaly debate/division) and not be forced into a crowd I’m supposed to lead – it seems too easy and frightening.
A lone mad nun/none on a mountain a lone.
Leave me alone, he said. But is he or is he not alone, and am I? No man is an island, but we are all ice bergs – the magic arrives in the connections, or breathes in the connections.
All the pain I’m causing by my absence from friends and family and acquaintances and would-be partners, is surely better than the dynamic events which follow and occur during contact.
Flash in the pan reactions and exchanges.
The professional word is ‘brainstorm’.

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