Roswell Footage Alien (R.A.)


Humour by

"Here's one we made earlier. We think you'll appreciate our brand new feature - the extra digit"

------------------------------------------------"Yes Sir, these are the types going to Mars. There will be no squabbling over which way the loo seat rests now. "

"Our latest prototype nuclear power plant worker comes with predesigned radioactive mutation, so no nasty surprises later eh!"

"Yes, I've travelled from the Moon in my Starship, and ..."
"Nurse, section this woman immediately".

------------------------------------------------"OOOOuch!, This isn't quite the intergalactic handshake I was expecting"

------------------------------------------------"Doctor will this breast augmentation take long. I have a hairdresser appointment later."
"Not long Miss Jones, you did sign the paperwork earlier didn't you?"

"Look, is this medical really necessary? I'm meeting the World Leaders in the lobby in half an hour. Your president has arranged it all for me"

"Erm! No! Actually it was a facial and a leg wax that I asked for!"

"So, in the repeat application that I apply in two weeks time, how long do I leave the napalm on for to achieve a creamy white smoothness and a reduction in my cellulite?"


"Yeah that designer laser burn tattoo really hurt, but it was actually the eyelash wax that I resented."
"Yes it was expensive, I had to remortgage our second Moon for that"


Say for example that these
people came from the Moon.
Gravity would be different hence the changed body shape, residual hair on head and to shield eyes would be unecessary since the light on the Moon is less, and possibly due to being underground aswell, when visiting Earth they would definately be wearing 'sunglasses'.


Sunday Times
8th June 1997

While there is no tangible evidence to align the Santilli Alien Autopsy Footage with Roswell, the question remains that she is an unknown. What Santilli said that interested people was that President Harry Truman was clearly visible. When such an easily identifiable historical figure wasn't in plain view, doubts began to unravel the Footage in the mind of the viewers. Stanton Friedman said that she didn't resemble the witness testimony he'd gathered who described the alien as having four fingers. Professional surgeons said the scissors weren't held correctly with the index finger giving directional control along the edge of the tool. Cameramen complained about the lack of focus. But the Santilli Footage depicts the mood of terror and the telepathic intensity which I think gives it credibility. Watch the Roswell (1994) Movie for context.

This article features the model used in Roswell the Movie with Kyle MacLachlan which came out in 1994

In the spooky and pointlessly horrid film 'The Blair Witch Project', westerners trespass on land which seems to be sacred and haunted by Native Indian Ghosts who dress the trees with figures and move the stones. Trying to get these film-makers to have some respect for the land and the Spirits is like pulling teeth. Native Indians have had an ancient connection to the land, and the massacres which were perpetrated by the colonists must surely have left many angry and restless spirits, spirits connected to the land. Pushed onto reservations the Natives found their land was poisoned by radiation, which sours the area for extremely long timespans.
Here is an interesting link regarding South Dakota and aeromagnetics (1976) and it is worth noting that the Roswell Incident was only uncovered in 1978 by Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman's interview.

Just to mix truth with fantasy a little, the reasons stated above do go some way towards explaining the incongruous Anasazi Episode of the X-Files. The truth is out there but it won't be labelled.
The X Files did several Navajo plotlines. Very often sci-fi series have many episodes in order to hide one which is more truth than you would believe.


In 1995 Stanton Friedman decried the Santilli Footage as being that of a sufferer of Turner's Syndrome, in 2005 people think they have found the answer in Progeria. The reason why I think that the Santilli Autopsy is not Progeria is because the body has no ribs, no teeth, and it's eyes (pupils) are bigger than normal.
Also it has six fingers and six toes. Also the ears are tiny and in a different location to normal. The reason why she is female is the shape of the hips, her feminine facial features and the lack of a penis. Clearly she is not a man yet she is referred to as a 'he' frequently in the press reports of the screenings in August of 1995. Her innards, brain and the shape of her head suggest strongly that she is not a human. I know that this footage is frightening and disturbing. No one wanted to see a new species on it's back and being dissected as an intial introduction, but the eye movement requires deeper readings, which I explore in my essays both written by 1996. One of the cursed King's wives, Anne Boylen, had six fingers, which was the recognised sign of a witch. It is related to a dominence of multiple chromosomes and is also known as hyperdactylism.
Another option is that humans are being created by humans, which have no rights, are victimised, and are deliberately altered to look skinny and deformed to scare people and to differentiate them from society, to keep them trapped and to be used to implant other normal humans with devices which manipulate their thoughts and movements, by sound and by subliminal ultra low frequency sound, or extra low (ELF) signals.
A bit like the joke of a prisoner complaining that a giant bunny rabbit beat him up, after the police had dressed up in fancy dress, the victimised used 'abductees' would be discredited, whilst the abused, roboticised, de-humanised genetically modified 'aliens' (aliens being afterall strangers without passports) would be kept secret in hidden facilities. I always thought that the 'bedroom visitations' sounded spectaculary dodgy, but then again humans are so efficient at thinking the worst, and being ultimately cynical, that if they (aliens) were benevolent and genuine we would go to enormous lengths not to believe it.
So the question of whether it is sinister men with advanced Tesla type machinery, or pleasant advanced wise angels who wish to save the world from humanity's self destructive impulses still remains, and that is the nature of the phenomenon, to be enigmatic and elusive.
Know that you do have free will, and only believe what you want to and what feels right for you, and do not be afraid to question, to forget, to relearn and repeat and carry on questioning. "Time is not important, only Life is important" said the aliens in 'Fifth Element'.


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