I think if a person is over eighteen and they give consent, maybe on a daily basis, and do not get bullied to death or detrimentally damaged career wise or life wise, then mind control with audio and projections is not adviseable. If it is snidely and covertly used by men against the vulnerable, the powerless or the under-rage, and labelled as aliens or something else which is random and remotely untraceable then it is most definately illegal. In my experience there seems to be only perverted men who abuse women in this area of study. Perhaps the whole alien thing is an excuse to cover up their obscene behind the scenes exploitation, and mind control, I hope not.

Other theories are, possession by a devil, or 'Jesus loves you', a strange alien octopus, The Holy Ghost, Angels, demons, incubi/succubi, familiars, Martians/Venusians. Realities can be horrendous and I would rather not think about the non standard responses.

Truth be told if the 'corruption' creeps up then the authority of Harmonious Goodness and Righteousness by which to stamp it out is missing which feels like it may the case in Camden, home of the largest Masonic lodge and one of the worst blackspots for suicide in the country, and a centre of Tavistock Mental (ill) health. Somebody is using audio and vibratory and projectile equipment to harrass and possibly torture residents. It is like an experience I had in a hospital where a lot of sound was apparent all around, but mostly from one room, and when i opened the door there was a woman sitting staring with no sound to be heard, in shock and seized up with trauma (this was not in Camden). Women unfortunately often are paid less than they should be, and hence lack the support necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and when asking men to make up the short fall, are often then denigrated for it unnecessarily. It may be brain or ear implants, or targetted sounds. It would only take one implant to disable a person into unconsciousness whereby more implants could be added (hopefully not) which is the thing about alien abductees having nose bleeds. So you would think people were shouting at you but when you looked there would be no one there, or an inappropriate word or sentence would freudianly slip out but not actually have been said in an otherwise inocuous conversation, leading people to retain hostility or question their own sanity. In a battle situation this could cause serious implications and in personal life this can terminate relationships very fast. People always think it is only them who experience it and so hesitate to mention it, we see famine and wars on telly and think 'mind control' of minor importance compared to that. But if these wars and famines are used to herd people into an unwilling capitalist consumerism which is unsustainable and damaging, and tech is ushered in to replace actual human relationships like work and family, then that will be a depletion of reality and a static production of bio robots with selective memories. Over spooking with saturated security while searching for 'suicide bombers' [hopefully] isn't just an excuse to perv on the disempowered or unsuspecting. As tech gets smaller and men remain as cheeky and incorrect as they have (hopefully not) been the trouble with sound emitting implants and so forth will continue, but probably in the past we would have just labelled it as a spiritual disease or a troubled conscience. So don't kid yourself, people have always heard 'fairy music' from nowhere and heard angellic wisdom, and been be-deviled, if we can believe the history books which were written down or dreampt up by people before our births.
A nicer way of looking at it, is that we are evolving into telepathic beings who can connect, like wireless computers. knowing that the human brain is greatly superior to a mere machine.

As long as vast amounts of us don't get trapped into being 'organic batteries' as in the Matrix film, so that a handful of others have access to enormously superior tech.

Never underestimate the power of the on/off switch. It is the fundemental principle of computing.

On the net, I found this, a nasty excuse to 'octopussy' people under the guise of a religion, just like the peadophillic priests who victimize and traumatize Choir Boys, this lot have 'Spaghetti Monstered' their way into your worst nightmares, and are charging $510.00 and calling it 'science'.

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